master bedroom over garage

This ranch home was remodeled to add a master bedroom over the garage.

This home in the photo above was a 1960’s ranch house – long and low.  The current owners bought the property because they liked the location and the yard.  The house had 2 1/2 baths, a full walk-out basement, four bedrooms, and an attached garage.  Although it was not exactly what they wanted, it definitely had potential.  They moved a few walls both upstairs and downstairs, but kept the structure of the main part of the house basically the same.  However, the original master suite was small all the way around – the bedroom itself, the closet, and the attached bathroom.  In addition, the bathroom opened into the hallway powder room.  Definitely not what they wanted for their “get away from it all” master suite.  To remedy that, they designed a second floor addition over the garage.  Fortunately, the original garage was designed for two cars, with extra room for storage.  This allowed them to use part of the original garage for a staircase to the new master suite addition.  That still left them with plenty of room in the resized garage for two cars and some storage.  Above the garage, they now have a good-sized bedroom with a sitting area, as well as a large walk-in closet and bathroom.  You can determine the average cost of ranch house additions by using our Bedroom Addition Cost Calculator and Bathroom Addition Cost Calculator.

To ensure that their  extension over the garage is safe from garage fumes, they created a tight seal between the garage and their new bedroom.  They also take certain precautions when parking in the garage.    They make sure that they car is parked head in so that the tailpipe is next to the garage door.  They open the door before they start the car, and they do not idle the car in the garage.  All good ideas if you add a bedroom over garage.