Renovate Or Add A New Garage
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Get an instant estimate to Add or Increase the Size of a Garage

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where to get garage addition ideas?

A. Garage addition design ideas are just a click away! Finding the ideas is easy – managing them and organizing them is a bit more of a challenge. My favorite places to look for garage addition ideas is, and google image search. As you find pictures and ideas save them to a pinterest page that is all set up for collaboration – learn how here – and add your spouse, designer, contractor and anyothers involved in your project. As collaborators for your garage project they can add and comment on your garage design ideas. Keeping all your ideas and photos in one place with every ones comments will give you better results with a lot less stress for your garage addition project.

Q. How does a Garage Cost Calculator work?

A. Our garage cost calculator uses the average cost to add on or build a garage and then adjusts this price based on the four garage cost drivers: location of the home, who does the work, the material you choose to use and the design. The cost of labor will range from less than $20 to more than $100 an hour depending on where you have the work done in the US. Labor accounts for more than 50% of the garage addition or constructions costs so this has a big impact on what your garage will cost to build and is included in the estimate form the garage cost calculator.