house numbers

When you find numbers for your house, make sure they are mounted in a place that is easily seen and that they are large enough and distinct enough so that they can be read in a hurry.

They may seem like a minor consideration once you have spent all the time, energy and money building an addition, but house numbers are important.  First and foremost, you want to have visitors and potential emergency vehicles be able to find your house quickly and easily.  Secondly, house numbers should fit with the style and decor of your home.


When you look for house numbers, select ones that are large enough to be easy to read.  Remember that people will be seeing them from the street and may have to identify them in a hurry as they drive by.  The city where I live suggests that they be at least 4″ tall.  Bolder looking letters are easier to read than thin looking ones.  There are some unusual styles which you may be drawn to, but make sure that are not so unusual that they are hard to make out.  It is also best to have a strong contrast between the numbers and the surface they sit on.  This will help them stand out more.


Place the numbers where people are naturally inclined to look for them – close to the door.  If the door is somewhat obscured, find a more prominent spot.  Finally, it is helpful to have the house numbers near a source of light so they are easy to see at night.



house numbers on a remodel

Black numbers on a white post show up well.

house numbers

The door on this house is set back so the house numbers were placed on the trellis.



The door on this house is set back, so the homeowners placed the numbers on the trellis.  You can see in the closeup that the black letters on the white post stand out nicely, though it would have been better if they were larger.









These house numbers are in the right place, but blend in with the brick so are hardly visible.

These house numbers are in the right place, but blend in with the brick so are hardly visible.





The numbers on this house are next to the door and under the porch light, but they are hard to read because they are almost the same color as the brick.  The homeowner could make these brass letters more legible by mounting them on a light-colored board instead of directly on the brick.








house numbers on mailbox

House numbers on the mailbox make this house easy to identify.




Although it might not look like it, there are numbers on this house, to the right of the door between the porch light and the windows.  Unfortunately, they are on a mirrored base, so are hard to read.  The house is easily identified, though, by the numbers on the mailbox structure.





house numbers on gable

The numbers on this house are in a prominent spot, but would be hard to see at night.






These numbers are in a prominent spot and easy to read from the road.  However, they would be hard to see at night since there would be no light on them.






large house numbers

These numbers are easy to read!





You might not like the contemporary nature of these house numbers, but there is no denying that they are unmistakable!





house numbers on porch

These numbers are the perfect size and are well placed to be seen easily.






These house numbers are perfect!  They are next to the door, under the porch light, and the light background behind the letters makes them stand out from the darker stucco color of the house.


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