Choosing a toilet for a small bathroom remodel is complicated – almost as complicated as buying a tub or a shower. There are options about everything that has to do with the toilet. From the finish on the flushing lever to color and decorative style, choosing your new toilet will require some thought and some shopping. Gone are the days when everyone had exactly the same toilet!
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When you are remodeling a small bathroom, size and space are probably one of your most important considerations. But you also need to consider how the toilet fits with the rest of the décor of your new bathroom. You will also probably want to pay some attention to price and style and several other things. Here is some information to help you think about what you want in your new toilet :
1. Size, shape and style : For a small bathroom you probably want to think small. This will probably mean either a traditional two-piece model (tank and bowl) or just a bowl. The bowl can be either round or oblong. Round tends to use less space, and so is a good choice for a small bathroom. A round bowl is also less expensive.
2. Seat height : This has become a very important consideration for some households. Most people opt for the style with an average seat height. But if you have young children, you might find that a low-profile model with a lower seat is more comfortable for them. For older people or those with disabilities, choosing a model with a seat two or three inches higher than the standard can make sitting and standing much easier.
3. Cost : You should be able to find everything you want in a model that fits your budget, whether you plan to spend as little as $100 or as much as $1,000. The things that increase the price are color, special shape, special features, lavish decoration and special installation requirements. Doing a little bit of research before you leave home will help you prioritize what you want and need in the toilet and set a reasonable spending limit.
4. Conserving water : The first thing you should know if you have not bought a toilet in a while is that the new models use as little water as possible for a flush. In fact many of the newer models use only about one-fourth the amount of water used by older models. This also allows designers to make the tanks smaller, which is a good thing in a small bathroom. Another option for even more water conservation and higher efficiency is a “dual-flush” toilet. These use a minimal amount of water for a light flush and a larger amount of water for a more forceful flush. Some of these dual-flush models are operated by the traditional lever and some with a push-button. If you are considering the push-button model, be sure to try it before you buy to be sure everyone can operate it.

5. Flushing : As you probably know, toilets in most homes use a gravity flush, which used gravity to bring water from the tank into the bowl and out the waste pipe. The other type of flushing mechanism is what you generally see in public restrooms. This is a pressure flush toilet. It uses a very tiny amount of water that is forced through the bowl by air that is compressed in the pipe. While pressure flush models use the smallest amount of water, they cost a little more, they take more time to install and repair (and more cost), and they are noisier.
6. Features : There are many features you can choose in your toilet. From a combination toilet and bidet to a toilet seat that includes a bidet mechanism, to a Victorian style design with a tank mounted high on the wall and a pull chain, to self-closing seats, there are any number of options you can add to the toilet you choose.
The most important considerations in choosing the right toilet for your small bathroom remodel are those that are most important to your family. If you take the time to think about what you want and need and then shop around, you will certainly find exactly the toilet model that is right for your new bathroom.