There was a time, still very much alive in the memory of a large percentage of the population, when a toilet was a toilet. You might have some choice of color, but that was about as far as your options went. Today, choosing a toilet is a very different matter. Here are some insights and tips to help you decide how to select the right toilet for a small bathroom remodel.
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Space is paramount when you are remodeling a small bathroom, as is design. You will want a toilet that matches, or at least coordinates, with the sink and the tub and/or shower. The match or coordination will affect your choice of color, material, style and shape. But there are other considerations, too. In fact, as you look for fixtures that match, you might find yourself doing some comparison shopping to get everything you want.
In terms of price, the toilet need not be a big expense. The basic two-piece white toilet can cost as little as $100. Adding color, special shape or style and the features you want can take the price up several hundred dollars, or even as much as $1,000. It will be helpful to know what you want and how important each feature is to you before you begin shopping.
Think about the style and shape you want. Do you want a traditional appearance of a standard two-piece model? Do you want the standard taller tank? Do you want something that is very low-profile? Toilets are made with either a round bowl or an elongated bowl. In most cases, the round bowl is both less expensive and more practical for the tight spaces of a small bathroom.
Think about the height of the seat. Who will use this bathroom the most? For young children, a low profile toilet with a low seat might be a good choice. For an older person, you might want a toilet that is 2 or 3 inches taller than the standard.
The next consideration should be water usage. Your options will be for a water saving model that will use as little as ¼ the amount of water per flush as the older models. The middle option would be for a dual-flush model. These use minimal water for a “light” flush and give the option of using more water for a more thorough or powerful flush when needed. You will also want to consider how the dual-flush option works and how easy it will be for people to use it properly.
A third consideration is how the flushing mechanism of the toilet will work. There are two choices – between gravity flush and pressure assisted flush. Gravity flush models are by far the most popular. Water stored in the tank flushes the bowl clean. As toilets have been modified to use less and less water, not only are tanks smaller, but it is more difficult for the gravity flush mechanism to clear the bowl in every case. The second option, with the pressure assisted flushing mechanism is becoming increasingly popular. These mechanisms use the pressure in the water supply pipe to compress air. The compressed air is then able to use a small amount of water and release it with great force to clear the bowl. These are the type of flushing mechanisms used in most public restrooms. The pressure flush toilet will cost more, it will be more difficult to install and to repair, and the flush will be noisier.

Finally, you will need to make some decisions about the features you want in your toilet. You will want to discuss available options with the sales staff when you shop for the toilet. New features become available regularly. The stylistic features available include some surprising options including even the old Victorian style toilet with the tank on the wall and a pull chain. Another available option is the addition of a toilet seat that closes slowly and quietly at a touch. Some seats are made to be easily removed for easier cleaning and then quickly replaced. Because space will be an issue in your small bathroom remodel, you might want to look into a toilet that has a bidet built in, or purchase a bidet insert to include every luxury in your small bathroom.
Hopefully, these tips and insights will help you know how to choose the right toilet for your small bathroom remodel. Keep an eye out for the best possible match of your plumbing fixtures to enhance the style of the finished room. With careful shopping and the investment of a little time, you can create a small bathroom that meets every possible need and that offers every imaginable luxury while blending perfectly into the small space.