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How to Find a Contractor or Subcontractor

Finding full service contractors is easy. They have big advertisements in the yellow pages, in the newspaper, and on the Internet. But just because contractors are big and can afford to spend money on big advertisements doesn't mean that they are good, so make sure you get past the brochure and the sales pitch. You don't necessarily want a large contractor or a small contractor; you want the best contractor for you and your project. Find a great contractor fast and for free. Just click here.

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Finding a smaller general or subcontractor takes a little more effort. They sometimes advertise in local newspapers, such as the community ones that are given away. Try your local monthly or weekly city newspaper. The contractors who advertise here have an interest in your city and are focused on the area. The last thing they want is an unhappy customer in a town of 50,000 people, for example.

Also ask around, although you should take with a grain of salt recommendations from other homeowners. Recommendations from other subcontractors often are great. They usually give you only names of contractors that they have worked with and like doing business with. These are the ones you want to work with too. So, the next time you need some painting, a little concrete work or gardening done, ask the people you hire for the small jobs whom they would suggest for bigger jobs.


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