Sun room additions are a great way to expand the living area of your home quickly and economically. In most localities you will be able to find sun room additions specialist companies. These companies can schedule and install a new sun room comparatively quickly and cost-effectively. There are, however, things to consider.
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First, most sun room additions are marketed as three-season rooms, unless you live in an area with consistently moderate temperatures. One of the reasons they are cost-effective and quickly built is that they are not heated or cooled, except by the sun. It will be important for you to consider the amount of sunlight that will come through the glass during each season of the year. For example, if you have a well-shaded lot with lots of trees, you might find that the room is cooler during spring and fall, but very comfortable in summer. If the room will get afternoon sun in summer, it might become quite warm in the afternoon. There are certainly ways to make a sunroom more comfortable with shades and with more expensive UV reflective glass. These are costs that should be part of your planning.
Second, you will need to consider privacy. How much privacy do you want in your sun room? If your lot is not secluded or surrounded by trees or a fence, you will have no privacy. Planning for the level of privacy you want or need should also be part of your planning for sun room additions.
Third, you need to think about access and egress to and from both the house and the outdoors. It is not uncommon to use the back door of the house for access from the interior of your home to the new sun room. If this is not practical, you will need to think about how to create access with minimal disruption of your existing home. If your back door opens into the sun room, you might need to check, or at least consider, local building codes for regulations about egress from the home. You might need to plan for an exterior door somewhere in your new sun room. These regulations are usually related to fire safety for your family.

Fourth, consider how long a sun room addition will meet the needs of your family. While a sun room is economical and quick, it might not be the best choice if you know that two years from now you will need a traditional room in that location. It is always wise to think ahead!
When it comes to furnishing and decorating you will want to keep in mind how the sun will fade or damage your floor covering and furniture. Again, considering the amount of direct sunlight that will enter the room will be a good guide.
Sun room additions are a great option in many locations. They are bright and light, comparatively inexpensive and comparatively quickly built. It will be important to discuss issues of heating and comfort, privacy and access with your sun room contractor early in the decision-making process. If you choose a sun room addition you will have a great and versatile family living area that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.