If you are remodeling or adding a small bathroom, you might be thinking the same thing as many other homeowners – “I just don’t want to think about the shower.” But you don’t need to feel this way because there are many options available to you. In this article, I will outline some options for you of what you can do about small bathroom showers.
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The big, luxurious bathrooms pictured in magazines and shown on TV and in some new construction are a recent trend. Most of the homes in North America today actually have small bathrooms. Many small bathrooms measure five by eight feet or less. Many small bathrooms have either a tub and shower combination or just a shower stall. Building a bathroom with both a shower and a tub is a relatively recent change
One of the main attractions of today’s super-sized bathrooms is the ability to have a shower and a tub and to be able to include spa features in the tub and/or the shower. If you are living with a small bathroom and you want some of those spa luxuries, you should know before you start planning to enlarge your bathroom or add another bathroom that you can have spa features in a small bathroom. It will require a little more planning, but it can be done.
There are many options for small bathroom showers. Ranging from the traditional shower and tub combination, to a re-fitted space that converts the area where the old tub/shower was positioned into a luxurious shower to the custom designed and built luxury shower to keeping what you have and retrofitting it with spa features. It all comes down to the amount of planning, design, time, effort and money you want to invest in your new bathroom.
The traditional shower and tub combination, made of porcelain or enamel over steel can cost as little as $300. The cost of other options will increase from this starting point. If you are working with a small or a very tight budget for your remodel, you might want to either use an online remodeling cost calculator (like www.remodelestimates.com) or talk with a contractor or plumber about the costs of various options available to you.

Here are your options for showers in small bathrooms.
1. If you have just a shower stall or a shower and tub combination that is in good shape, don’t replace it. If it is a terrible, outdated color, you might consider just covering it with a liner. If what you don’t like is the tile work around it, you might want to investigate the cost of either a one-day tub/shower makeover in which high-quality acrylic is installed over your existing shower. Another option would be to remove the tile and replace it. This will not require any structural work or alteration.
2. If you have an acceptable shower or shower and tub combination and you want either multiple showerheads or jets for a body massage or even a steam shower, you can save money by retro-fitting it with the equipment you want. The parts can be purchased in a home improvement store or a bath and kitchen store and connected by a plumber.
3. If you need to replace what you have, you can save a large amount of money by purchasing and installing a pre-fabricated shower. Pre-fabrication no longer means inferior in quality. The cost is lower because all of the work of building the unit is done in a factory and because installation is relatively fast and easy. In fact, some pre-fabricated models include all kinds of spa equipment and are fairly expensive.
4. If budget and time permit, you can tear out what you have and install a new custom shower that will be built in place. This option allows you to choose the materials you most want to use and to include the spa options you want. You can even make your new shower a work of art with hand-painted tiles or a beautiful mosaic on the back wall of the shower. You can build in multiple showerheads, massaging jets, steam, and chromotherapy (soothing colors).
No matter how large or small your small bathroom is, you can find or build exactly what you want in a shower. You can simply change the doors, or you can upgrade the shower in every way imaginable. You can have a simple small bathroom or a luxurious spa in the privacy of your own home. Whatever your choice, you can probably find a way to have what you want on most any budget.
It will be important to talk with someone about other requirements before you set a budget. For example, adding steam or massage jets might mean you need to upgrade your shower light fixture to one that is sealed against water. Upgrading to a steam shower might suggest adding fogless mirrors. Whether you retro-fit, install a pre-fabricated model or build from scratch, you can have it all and have it small.