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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

The most popular remodeling projects tend to be kitchen or bathroom remodels. The first question homeowners ask when considering a kitchen makeover is “how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?”  The short answer is that there are so many variables in kitchen remodeling that you really need to make some decisions before you try to calculate the cost.

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How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen? Let’s begin by looking at the variables that will determine the cost of your project.


1.  Do you plan to expand the size of your kitchen?  Will you work with the existing space, or will you expand the size of the room?  If you plan to enlarge your kitchen, will you take the extra space from within your home, or will you add on to your home to get the extra space?  Here are the specific questions to be answered:

  • Will you move any interior walls?
  • Will you make changes to any load-bearing walls?
  • If you are adding on, how large will the addition be?
  • Will you build a complete foundation for the addition?
  • Will the addition be built on a concrete slab?
  • Will the addition be built on posts and beams?
  • Will the addition be a bow or bay window?
  • Will the addition be a bump-out?

2.  How much plumbing work will be involved? Will you move or add sinks? Will a gas line be added or moved?

3.  How much electrical work will be involved? Will appliances remain in the same place? Do you need to add or move electrical lines or outlets? How will lighting be installed? Will you need new circuits?

4.  Will you install new cabinetry? Will you keep the cabinets you have? Will you reface them or paint them?  If you will install new cabinetry, will it be standard ready-to-install cabinets, or will you need to have cabinets assembled? Will you choose custom cabinetry that will be built on site? 101 Ways to Save Money When by by Dan Fritschen

5.  Will you keep existing windows and doors, or will you replace them?

6.  Will you keep or replace appliances?

7.  What kind of countertops do you want?

8.  How much custom tile work will be involved?

These questions will have a great impact on the cost of your kitchen remodel. Other factors affecting the cost will be

  • quality of materials and workmanship you expect
  • which professionals you hire
  • whether you manage the project yourself
  • how much of the work you will do
  • time of year
  • your location

As you can now see, there are many factors involved in answering the question “how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?”  To get an estimate of the cost of your kitchen remodel, use your answers to these questions to provide information to an online calculator, such as the one at  Choosing this calculator will give you the most reliable estimate. With this estimate you will have a solid answer to the question, “How much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?”

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