Kitchen Layout Shape and Kitchen Remodeling

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A decision you must make early in planning your kitchen remodeling project is the layout shape you will use for your new kitchen. Most kitchens are designed in one of four basic shapes. These shapes are considered the most efficient by many kitchen designers. You might, however, choose to modify one […]

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

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The most popular remodeling projects tend to be kitchen or bathroom remodels. The first question homeowners ask when considering a kitchen makeover is “how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?” The short answer is that there are so many variables in kitchen remodeling that you really need to make […]

House Addition Calculator

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If you are planning a house addition, one of the first things you will want to do is to get an idea of what the cost of the project will be. A house addition calculator will certainly meet your needs. But of the many house addition calculators available, which is the […]

Ideas for Remodeling Your Attic

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There are many attic remodeling plans and ideas out there so you can find ideas on remodeling your attic. The problem is, however, that too many people think too much about the attic décor and not about structural or design issues. It’s important to think of all three things before going […]

Home Addition Estimates

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One of the most important steps in planning and budgeting for a home addition is getting reliable home addition estimates. Early estimates help you decide if you can afford to build the addition to your home you are considering. Whether you are adding on because of another child in the family […]

Average Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Knowing average bathroom remodeling costs will be very helpful to you in planning and setting a budget for your bathroom remodel. You can find the average costs in a wide variety of places on the internet and by calling a few local contractors or your local builder’s association. It is also important to […]

Save When You Remodel Your Bedroom

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A bedroom remodel can create a room that is a haven for relaxation and rest. It can be focused on a simple space or an elegant retreat. Whatever the style of your home or your planned remodel, you can save when you remodel your bedroom and create a space that is […]

Information Needed to Get a Bathroom Remodel Estimate

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If you are planning a bathroom remodel, part of your planning will be to get a cost estimate for the project. To get a reliable estimate, you will need some basic information and you will need to make some decisions about the project. The information needed to get a bathroom remodel […]

Estimating Basement Remodeling Costs

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Estimating basement remodeling costs should be an early step in planning your remodeling project. There are several ways to get an initial or preliminary estimate for planning purposes.
The easiest way is probably to visit and fill in the information requested by the calculators. Another way is to call your local […]

Remodel Estimates for Master Suite Additions

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Early in your planning for a remodeling project you will want to get a reliable preliminary estimate for the total cost of your project. It is important to keep in mind as you get these preliminary estimates that remodel estimates for master suite additions can be more complicated than you expect. […]