Remodel Cost Calculator Estimates -Instant – Free.  Kitchen, Bathrooms or your entire house!  Remodel estimates include cost of materials, labor and an estimate of the amount your home will appreciate and best of all.


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Instant Remodel Cost Calculators!

Our remodel and renovation cost estimate calculators use the latest algorithms, data from millions of users and decades of remodeling expertise to provide you with an instant, free remodel estimate.


It is easy to get an remodel cost estimate at

  1. pick a room or project – Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement or your Whole House
  2. select the amount of work you will do, the quality of the materials and the size of the room

That’s it!  The calculator will instantly estimate the cost of your remodel and give you a breakdown by material and labor as well as an estimate of the amount your home may appreciate because of the remodel.

Renovation Cost Estimate Calculator Q&A

  • Q: How do Remodel Estimate Calculators work?
    A: The remodel cost estimates are calculated based on average labor and materials cost for where you home is located and then adjusted based on your unique project: how much work you will do yourself, the materials you will use and the value of your home.
  • Q: What is the difference between a remodel cost estimator and a remodel cost calculator?
    A: A remodel cost estimator and a remodel cost calculator are the same thing.  There may be a difference in how they estimate the costs and you may get a different estimate from different calculators – but since the costs are just estimates variations in the amount not be a surprise.
  • Q: What rooms work for the Remodel Estimate Calculatorskitchen-design-interior-ideas-034-300x225
    A: offers cost calcualtors for kitchen, bathroom remodels and additions, finishing basements and attics, garage additions or new construction, family room additions, living room additions, bedroom additions and office/den additions. There is also a whole house remodel cost estimator which combines all of your renovation and addition plans into a single calculator that also can include the cost of a 2nd story if that is your plan.
  • Q. When should I get an remodel cost estimate from an online calculator?
    A: The cost calculators are super convenient to use and are designed to help homeowners and contractors get an remodel or reno cost estimate at the very beginning of a project.  Getting a rough idea of the cost of a home addition, renovation or remodel project when you first begin planning is ideal since it will help guide you based on your budget on the type of remodel you can plan on and afford.
  • Q. Do I still need to get an Estimate from a builder or remodel contractor?Interior-Design-Ideas-003-300x225
    A: Yes, you should get a remodel cost estimate from a builder or contractor as soon as you have decided on what you want done, the design and the materials you will use.  Before you make these decisions and even TO HELP make these decisions the cost calculators should be used to get you instant feedback on your plans and their associated costs.
  • Q: Are the remodel cost estimates provided by the calculator at accurate?
    A: Yes the estimates provided by the calculators are accurate using the limited information that you provide: the location of your home, the quality of the materials you will use, the approximate size of the are to be remodeled or added and what work you plan to do yourself.