Den Addition

Home Office Addition

It is time to build a den addition or home office? Having a space dedicated to work and managing your home and life is a luxury for many and a necessity for some. If you or someone in your family is a student or works from home – a den addition or dedicated home office can improve productivity and overcome some of the challenges of working from home.

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Adding a den or home office is very similar to adding other rooms without plumbing such as a bedroom or family room. A home addition without the plumbing required for a kitchen or bathroom and without the finish work also needed in a bathroom or kitchen is a much less expensive project that is much quicker to complete.

Den Addition Design Ideas

Search on, and google image search for den and home office design ideas. As you find photos of rooms and features you like save the pictures to your pinterest idea board. Pinterest is a great way to find room design ideas and it is also a great tool to save the pictures and share them with others involved in your project. To get the most of pinterest set up boards and add collaborators to your boards. Collaborators can be others in your household, spouse, architect, contractor, interior designers and builders you are working with. As collaborators they can see the photos you are saving and your notes and add their notes and comments as well. When they find a photo they can save the photo to your board with their notes.


When it comes time for making design decisions – using pinterest and the collaboration feature – you can easily review all your options, refresh your memory about WHY you saved the different photos and make well informed decisions to make your den addition a terrific success.