The most exciting part of remodeling and renovation is the finding and sharing of design ideas and moving back into your home after the remodel is complete. Finding the perfect look or solution for windows, cabinets and room configuration can be a real challenge but also has enormous rewards – a well designed home that will make you smile for years to come!

Here are 4 tips to make searching for, organizing and sharing design ideas a snap.


#1. If you do not already have one – create a Pinterest or Houzz account. There are other photo sharing and organizing sites – you can use whichever one you are familiar with. The important features you need are the ability to easily collect photos, then organize the photos with your notes and finally be able to share the photos and record notes made by others. On Pinterest you can do this by adding collaborators to your account – people who can comment, add and delete photos. This should include your, others helping with your remodel and your designer/contractor etc.


#2. collect as many photos as you can but DO NOT save a photo unless you make a few notes and rate it. Just saying “love it” or “hate it” isn’t enough you need to describe what you like and do not like and a relative scale. If you really like a white farmhouse sink you find – then give it 5 stars or what ever rating you choose so you can find it again and ensure you use it in your design. If you find a sink which isn’t exactly what you like then a 3 star or equivalent rating is appropriate. You will like find and save hundreds if potentially thousands of photos and without appropriate notes and ratings it will be hard to go back and find the gems.


#3. Don’t just find photos online – take your camera to product show rooms, open houses, neighbors homes, hotels and other places with designs you may like. Seeing products and designs upclose makes it much easier to find what you like and do not like. Designs and products in a photo may look great but once you see it is person you make not like it as much or may be even more! So take lots of photos and save them to the idea book you have created


#4. Encourage (strongly) others involved in the design process to review your finds and make comments. Some may be reluctant to spend as much time on the design as you but everyone involved should spend some time reviewing the design options and adding their comments.