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Nice Big Family room after a home addition

How much will it cost to enlarge your family or rec room? Find out with with the free – instant enlarge family or rec room cost calculator. In seconds get an estimate of the cost for your home addition with break down of labor versus materials. You can even get estimates if you do the work yourself or high a contractor.

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Enlarge Family or Rec Room Design Costs

The cost for adding on to your family or rec room will vary based on your homes location, the design, the materials you select and who does the work. Two extremes is a 200 square foot family room addition in Mississippi could cost as little $15,000 if it is built on a slab floor has few low cost windows and carpet for flooring and a simple roof line and the homeowner did much of the work themselves. Compare this to adding 200 square foot addition to a home in san francisco that costs over $200,000. The home addition in San Francisco is the same size but that is where the similarities end. The foundation can cost more – maybe requiring piers. The design is much more complex with windows and doors and vaulted ceilings and is designed by an architect. The finish it top end with tile and hardwood flooring, a fire place all designed by an architect and built by a high end builder.
A few decisions that you make will drive the cost substantially. Smart and careful planning can assure you spend what you want to enlarge family or rec room