enlarge living room

Living room with all the goodies

What would you do with a larger living room? Add or remodel a fireplace? Maybe a pool table? How about an even larger TV and theatre style seating? A formal sitting area or even a library. Living rooms are under utilized spaces in many homes and sometimes the problem is the design!

You can enlarge living room and improve the design and put more design features in the room to better meet you and your families needs!

Try the free enlarge living room cost calculator to get an instant estimate of the cost to add 10, 100 or even a 1000 square feet of living space to your living room.


Get an instant estimate to enlarge living room


The enlarge living room cost calculator uses your homes location, your design, material choices and preference for DIY to calculator the cost to add on to your livingroom. The calculator is a great way to create and initial – instant cost estimate and budget for your remodeling project with just minimal details..just what you need to start your project right!

Enlarge Living Room Design Ideas

The internet age should really be called the Remodeling Design Age – because it is so much easier to find and manage design ideas for enlarge living room than it has been in the past. Use Pinterest.com, Houzz.com or google image search to find thousands of enlarge living room design idea photos. Save the photos you find as well as photos you take with your camera to one central location – If you you pinterest it has a great tool to share with your builder, spouse and architect. Make sure you take lots and lots of notes so you remember what you like and do not like from each photo.
Go to open houses, neighbors houses and design showrooms to get ideas for your living room. Photos from the internet are good but walking through a room is the only way to really get a feel for what the design has to offer.