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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What use is best for a finished attic.


A: Best depends on you and your needs. The easiest is for storage. Finishing your attic so it is better suited for storage is one of the easiest uses for the attic space. If you want to invest a bit more then creating a library, office or family room in the attic space is the next step up. Once you decide to create living space out of your attic then access becomes a major concern. If it is only used occasionally or by agile people who dont mind them, a spiral staircase is a good solution. If you want access to be easier for everyone then a full staircase is a good solution but they are relatively expensive to build and take up a substantial amount of floor space in your home on 2 floors.


Q: Can i put a bedroom in my finished attic?


A: Yes, a bedroom and even a bathroom are great additions to your home if you are thinking about finishing your attic. Bedrooms in attics have special design requirements for access – staircase as well as another means of exiting the bedroom in an emergency – typically a window but could also be a second staircase. Bedrooms also, typically, need better insulation and ventilation than if the space is used for an office or storage since we all are usually able to put with heat or cold during the day but at night, when we are sleeping we all get a bit demanding on temperature and ventilation.