bed furniture from wood fence panels

Wood fence panels can be used for unique headboards in your bedroom remodel.

You might say that I have been watching too much HGTV, but every time I go to Home Depot and see the fence panel display I think of them as potential furniture.  It seems that they would make perfect headboards for a bed.  These panels and gates come in assorted widths and heights.  I’ve seen fence panels from 2 1/2 to 8 feet wide and gates from 3 to 5 feet wide.  Fence panels and gates differ in height as well as width, from 3’ to 7’ tall.


Standard mattress widths are:  39” for a twin, 54” for a full, 60” for a queen, 76” for a king, and 72” for a California king.  To create a headboard, you could use a single panel or gate, or put two or three together for the appropriate width.  Select the height you want to create the look you want.  To create a complete bed frame, bolt the fence panel or gate onto an inexpensive metal bed frame base, and you have a new piece of furniture!


There are also long narrow panels – 46” wide by 12” tall.  These could be hung on the wall singly or in multiples to create the look of a headboard.


bed headboard from vinyl fence panel

Fence panels can be found in different materials, including vinyl.

Fence panels and gates come in a variety of materials and colors as well.  You could use wood, then stain or paint it to match your decor.  There are also vinyl panels and gates.  I’ve found them in white, black, assorted wood colors, red, and green.  Finally, there are steel and aluminum panels and gates, which usually come in black or white.


Need a free-standing room divider?  You can buy two or more of the tall panels or gates and use door hinges to connect them to make a unique and sturdy room divider.  You could also use the wide, narrow panels turned up on end if you need a narrower divider.  Browse the hinge selections at the hardware store and you can find many styles, traditional to contemporary, and finishes: brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, and black to name the most common.  You’ll need two hinges between each pair of doors.   Match the width of the hinge to the width of the panel – you’ll want the hinge to be no wider than the fence panel or gate.


Once you have finished your bedroom remodel or bedroom addition, you can personalize it with a bed headboard that is unique to you.  Or maybe you have completed a family room remodel and need a special room divider.  You might even come up with other creative ideas for making furniture from these pre-made fence panels and gates.