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Frequently Asked Kitchen Remodeling Cost Questions:

Question: What is a Cost of Kitchen Remodel Calculator?

Answer: A Cost of kitchen remodel calculator is an online tool that helps homeowners get a personalized estimate for the cost to remodel their kitchen. The good kitchen remodel cost calculators can provide a good estimate with minimal information – but do require your location, the size of your kitchen and a few other bits of information to give an estimate. Without this additional information a cost of kitchen remodel calculator can not give you any helpful information besides the basic response – which is “it depends….”


Question: How does a Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator Work?

Answer: A kitchen remodel cost calculator can provide you with an instant estimate of the cost to remodel your kitchen. The calculators can only provide cost estimates based on the information you provide – so the more detailed the calculators questions the better the estimates. The kitchen remodel cost calculator requires answer to basic questions like where you home is located, how much of the work you will do yourself, how large the room is and your taste in materials. With this information the kitchen remodel cost calculator provides an estimate of the cost to remodel your kitchen.


Question: What are the big drivers of the cost to remodel a kitchen?

Answer: Kitchens are a homes most complicated and expensive rooms to remodel. The costs come from the cabinets, countertops, appliances and flooring that a kitchen requires. Each of these are expensive to purchase and to install. Typically the biggest cost in a kitchen is the cabinets and countertops followed by the appliances and flooring. If you are concerned about cost look to reducing what you spend on appliances and flooring both of which can be replaced. Do not skimp on the cost or quality of cabinets and countertops these both cost a lot to purchase and install and also have a useful life of many decades in a good quality kitchen remodel.


Question: Why are kitchen remodel costs so high?

Answer: Kitchen remodeling and renovation costs are so high because of the complexity of kitchens. They have all the utilities – gas, water, electric as well as expensive flooring, cabinets, countertops and appliances. All of these items cost to purchase and to install.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen


Question: Why do kitchen remodel estimates range so much from high to low?

Answer: Kitchen remodel costs are not unusual in the wide range of estimates you will get from remodeling contractors. There are 2 principal reasons for the wide range in kitchen remodeling costs – the materials you choose and the cost – overhead structure of the kitchen remodeling contractor. Expensive materials in a kitchen can be 5 to 10 times more expensive than the economy materials. Different kitchen remodeling contractors charge different rates for their services – the highest can be 2 or 3 times greater than the lowest. These 2 variables make a huge difference in the cost to remodel your kitchen.


Question: What is the best way to save on the cost of my kitchen remodel?

Answer: The best way to save on the cost of a kitchen remodel depends on your specific kitchen remodel project and your preferences. Delaying purchasing of new appliances, staying with the existing flooring and foregoing a backsplash are all good ways to get your new kitchen for a lot less cost. Doing some of the work yourself can also save you a lot on your kitchen remodel costs- try doing the electrical, plumbing or tiling to save a lot. Which contractor you hire to do the work has a big impact on the cost to remodel your kitchen as well.


Question: What information is required for a Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator

Answer: The most important information when calculating the kitchen remodel cost is the homes location, size of the kitchen, who will do the work and what quality of materials will be used. With answers to these 4 questions then a kitchen remodel cost calculator should be able to provide an estimate of the cost to remodel your kitchen.


Question: How to estimate a kitchen remodel

Answer: Getting a cost estimate for a kitchen remodel depends on how much information you. If you are just starting to create a budget and get an idea of the costs to remodel your kitchen then the kitchen remodel cost calculator here on is the best place to get a cost estimate for a kitchen remodel. After this first initial cost estimate you then work on finalizing a design, selecting the materials you want to use, and determining who will do the work.


Question: When should I get a Kitchen Remodeling Estimate?

Answer: Getting an estimate of the cost to remodel a kitchen is so easy with the kitchen remodel cost estimating calculator that you should plan on getting an estimate of the cost to remodel your kitchen as the first step in the process. Based on where you live and the size of you kitchen you can get several cost estimates – with different materials and different options on who does the. With this information you can start planning your kitchen remodel with a good idea of your budget and what decisions you need to make to fit the cost to remodel your kitchen in your budget.


Question: Why do Kitchen Renovation Prices vary so much from contractor to contractor?

Answer: Kitchen renovation and remodeling prices can vary substantially from one contractor to another for 2 very important reasons. First is that your request to quote and remodeling a kitchen typically requires contractors to make lots of assumptions. For any renovation or kitchen remodel there are a number of unknowns about what is behind the walls and under the floor so contractors add time and money for these unknowns – they amount they add varies by contractor. The other big driver of kitchen remodel cost estimates is what materials you will select. Unless you have a detailed list of every switch, tile, fixture and cabinets called out by manufacturer and model number it is impossible to know the exact cost of your kitchen renovation. In order to provide you with a remodel cost the contractor has to again assume and add allocations for the different elements that will need to be purchased and installed and again this varies from one contractor to another.

Finally, each contractor has a different business model – each has different overhead expenses for their business and each has different pay rates and each has different profit goals. For some making $50 and hour on your project is great – others want no less than $100 per hour. These factors can drive the cost of your kitchen renovation from as little as $20,000 to more than $100,000.