Get an instant cost estimates for remodeling and for moving plus a recommendation if moving or remodeling is the best choice for you.

Remodel Or Move Calculator.

How does the Remodel or Move Calculator work?


The Remodel or move calculator combines your emotional reasons to remodel and move with your financial reasons to remodel and move. The remodel or move calculator performs an analysis by quantifying your answers to “calculate” a weighted result and based on that result gives a recommend if you should remodel or move.
Examples of emotional reason to remodel and move are:

Like/do not like: the neighborhood, your homes location and your homes floor plan. As well as you and your families feelings about the moving process and the remodeling process. Both moving and remodeling are incredibly disruptive and time consuming. Both remodeling and moving for most families take a year or move from the time that you start considering IF you should take action to improve your quality of life to when you finally get settled into your “new” home or remodeled home.
Examples of financial reasons to remodel and move are:

Selling your current home and buying a new home is much more expensive than remodeling. And conversely, it is much less expensive to remodel your existing home than it is to pack and move to a new home.

Property taxes, an item that is often overlooked in the remodel or move decision, can have a major impact on your decision especially in California and Florida and other areas where there is limits to how much your property taxes can increase each year.