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Should you Remodel or Move?


Need a little help deciding if you should move or remodel?  Get an answer now and valuable tips on how to make the best decision with our free – no obligation – fast remodel or move decision making cost calculator.



Will it cost you more to remodel or to move?  

Both options, remodeling and moving, cost a lot – often 10% or more of your homes value.  When you remodel there is the cost of hiring the contractor, paying for the materials, permits, etc. BUT there is also a savings from what your home can appreciate because of the remodel.  Moving also has a variety of costs; preparing your home, paying a real estate agent, packing, moving, and decorating your new home.  In addition to all these costs is the impact of any property tax changes.  A change in your property tax -either higher or lower- can have a big impact on your decision to remodel or move.  Try the remodel or move calculator now to learn what your decision will really cost.


Emotional Reasons Why You should renovate or move

Our homes are more than investments and the decision to renovate or move is usually both a financial and emotional decision.  Your homes location. your neighbors and your neighborhood are all important consideration when deciding to renovate or move and remodeling wont be able to change any of these characteristics of your home.  How is your commute?  If a home closer to work will make you happier that is worth a lot and makes a good case for moving.  Do you like the style and floor plan of you home?  If not then remodeling to move around walls and change the style isnt always the best choice and moving may make more sense.  Finally do you want to put up with the mess and effort involved in remodeling?  There are many decisions to make and a lot of inconveniences for even a small remodel – a lot of people and families are better off not remodeling regardless of the cost.