Is Remodeling Right for You?
It is expensive, messy, stressful and unpleasant!  So why remodel?  If you are on the fence about if you should or should not remodel we have just the tool for you!  The Should I Remodel?  calculator! Find out with this quick, easy and free Should you Remodel? decision making tool.  The best way to decide if you should remodel is to consider the costs and time involved and compare that to your need and design to get your home remodeled, renovated and or updated.  The calculator will help you make a decision and the other calculators here at will help you get an instant cost estimate.

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What is your goal?

Improve my home and quality of life – and also have the home value increase
Mostly as an investment – improve my home so it will appreciate substantially
Live in my dream house regardless of cost



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should I Remodel?

A: Almost everyone is happy AFTER their remodel is done but very few people do not have regrets and wish they would have done a few things differently.  Unless you have a lot of experience remodeling the best way to avoid the regrets is careful planning and working to anticipate the decisions you have to make and the problems that could arise and then deal with them being well informed.


Q: How to decide if I should remodel?

A: The most important thing to consider about remodeling is can you and your family handle the stress.  During the remodel your remodel your daily routine will be interrupted and for some that isnt worth it.  If you can deal with that then there is the decision making and stress.  There are a lot of decisions that you will need to make and how ever lives in your home may want to be involved which can lead to arguments and hurt feelings.  The stress of decision making may be too much for some families and individuals and therefore may be remodeling isnt that good of an idea.  Finally remodeling costs a lot – if you do not have the savings or can not use a home equity loan but will use credit cards or high cost personal loans to pay for the remodel then maybe remodeling isnt for you or may be you should wait a few years so you can save up most of the money you will need to remod