switch plate

A switch plate like this one will add a bit of whimsy to your room.

I was in a store the other day and saw the fun metal switch plate pictured here.  Are you getting ready to add on a bedroom to the house?  Or maybe you are adding a second story?  Think about adding a bit of interest to the walls in your newly remodeled home by finding decorative switch plates for your electrical outlets.  You can find a wide variety of switch plates at your local building store.  We’re all familiar with the standard plastic plates, but they come in many different materials, including metals, wood, ceramics, and even mirrored surfaces.  The one pictured here has a single toggle, but they come in other designs, including double toggles and rockers.


More unique switch plates like the one pictured here can be found in different kinds of stores, including furniture stores, gift shops, and art galleries.  You can find handmade switch plates that are painted, made of clay or beautiful woods, cut from sheets of metal, or created of mosaics of glass, shells or other materials.  You can even make your own, personalized switch plates.  Check for instructions on the internet on how to cover store bought switch plates with gold leaf, polymer clay, decorative tapes, maps, decorative papers, rhinestones, fabric, almost anything you could think of.  One interesting idea I saw was to glue a heavy-duty magnet on the back of the switch plate.  You could then hang your keys right by the light switch.  Have fun coming up with your own ideas and make your renovation represent the real you!


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